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This Will Never Happen

A plea to my fellow humans: Is it possible for us to stop picking sides and instead choose love? Is it possible to search for common ground instead of retreating to the far edges of reason? Is it possible to look within to see our own flaws instead of pointing out the flaws of others? Is it possible to seek validation from an internal spiritual source instead of the fleeting validation that comes from external sources? It is possible to stand humbly for virtue instead of grandstanding for self righteous reward? Is it possible to have complicated and conflicting opinions on the state of the world without having a label applied?

The answer is a resounding YES, but it requires a deep look inward.

My plea to all of humankind is this....When you finish reading this, please turn off your phones and your televisions, close your computers and tablets, take four deep breaths and sit for a moment. Look inside. Explore. Find your love and reflect it outward.

We are bombarded with toxic negativity, in fact we INVITE it into our souls and psyche. So it's only natural that we reflect that poison outward.

Look inside. Explore. Find your love and reflect it outward.

Find your mom and tell her I miss her.

Is It Too Late?

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