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New York City And A Stupid Alpaca

Dear no one who is reading this...

I find the word "blog" to be revolting and actually typing it hurts even more than saying such a nonsense term. Why do we insist on smashing words together to sound cute and inventive? The fact that this term has been so readily accepted into our collective lexicon just goes to support my opinion that we are all doomed. The reason we have a clown with a traumatic brain injury as President is because of words like blog, staycation, and totes. It's our fault. We asked for it.

Anyhoo, I just go back from NYC where I was on the Anthony Cumia Show on Compound Media. You might remember him from the Opie and Anthony show. He's the Anthony. We had a blast ripping on the Boston accent and potty mouthing all current events. I'll post a link to the show once it's available. Or you can subscribe to Compound Media and watch it there.

I did a couple of bar shows; one in Brooklyn and another in Manhattan before heading to the Comedy Cellar for the late show. Two of my friends from Boston were on the lineup and I couldn't have been more happy for them. Being happy for a fellow comic is difficult for me. Jealousy and resentment are my default emotions. I found it refreshing and cleansing to genuinely feel love for these two comics. Some sort of spiritual growth on my part. Or maybe I was just overtired and my brain decided to take a rest.

The highlight of trip came on Thursday afternoon when I stumbled upon the Central Park Zoo. It was there where I met the dumbest alpaca in existence. He rested the inside of his mouth on one of the bars of his cage.There's really no other way to describe so I'll let the picture I took do the work.

alpaca, animals, zoo
The resident dunce at the Central Park Zoo

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